I didn't do much creatively until after the obligatory school years, then going through phases of various genres before finding my own thing (well, it remains a never ending quest). That wasn't until 2nd year at art school though. Picked up acrylics in 2003 but moved on to oils within a year because the quick drying didn't suit me, nor did the plastic smell.

I still only use one brush size (except one extra broad), rarely clean it during the day and stick with it until the straws are half gone. More equipment is just a distraction to me, so I also stick to few colours and mix them.

A wide selection of music through headphones is a must to keep those wandering thoughts in check and dampen surrounding sounds.

I work with this in Luleå, Sweden so yeah, location isn't my no.1 source of inspiration. While the whole thing is obviously based off of reality and endulges in some social commentary, there is that fusion with something more intangible. We'll see...
Expect updates as soon as something is finished (monthly if not weekly). More...

mail: bjorkbom@gmail.com
My studio is located at Kulturakuten (homepage).

For more info on artwork, or to purchase, contact me or
Art & Form/Annelie Johnson AB: www.artoform.se

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